LATEST NEWS - Brand new choreographic work titled Annotating Emotions & Eras

19th April 2015 at 12 noon. Join us at the Seattle Center Armory.


To imbue social change through dance by changing perspectives.

To empower dancers with chronic health conditions  especially auto- immune disorders.

To bring artists and communities together to experience the joy of shared artistic journeys. 

Why Dance? - It is what keeps me grounded. When I dance, I am closest to who I was meant to be. When I am deeply involved in my art form, the rest of the world does not really exist or matter. All else seems inconsequential.

Why Choreograph? - It comes naturally to me. It’s a gut feeling, a burning desire to create movement that is waiting to find its form. When I choreograph, it’s the churning of an inner sea that is waiting to take the shape of a beautiful, multifaceted snowflake.

Why Teach? - When a struggling student suddenly gets a certain adavu or kannakku (the math behind a complex korvai or set of adavus) because of an innovative instructional tweak on my part, the thrill and sense of satisfaction is beyond words. My shishyas are like a long term painting in progress. I create their dance personas one stroke at a time, until they are a visually pleasing canvas of vibrant colours. When I teach, it is the joy of seeing another generation take up this tremendously powerful art form and know that a part of you lives on through them.